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Registration for the 2023 SPRING /SUMMER SEASON is now OPEN!


Registrations for I though F will be accepted until midnight on March 1st.
Registrations for T-ball will be accepted until the last day of March.
Registrations for E and EE will be accepted until April 20th.


We will accept registrations at Buckeye Village:

Saturday, February 4th, 10am-4pm

Sunday, February 5th, 12pm-4pm

The printable registration form is also available in case there are instances where special circumstances apply or you would like to mail your submission to the address on the form. 

You may also choose to drop your completed form with payment in the mail slot of the concession stand (at the rear of the park between ball fields) at Butler Rodman Park on State St.

If you have questions, please reach out to us.

Register your team for the 2023 season!

What to expect if you'd registered your team to play Hot Stove Baseball!

I League - ages 7/8 - Coach Pitch - $700/team/season 
H League - ages 9/10 - $800/team/season 
G League - ages 11/12 - $800/team/season 
F League - ages 13/14 - $800/team/season 

Team fees cover: 

-league insurance (which can be carried to non-Hot Stove tournaments, in some cases)

-baseballs for an anticipated 16-18 game season

-umpire fees when games are played in Alliance (home games, or half of your scheduled games) 

-eligibility to participate in an end-of-season tournament in June

-eligibility to participate in the prestigious and historic Ohio Stove Baseball League State Tournament

*This fee does not cover uniforms.  Should you decide to participate fully in the hot stove program (with provided team sponsorship and uniforms provided - limited - you may choose to have your players sign up as individuals, indicating your name or team name on the form). *

**Please refer to the AHSBL Rules for additional details (see rule 6.12) or reach out to us with any questions.**

Please print the form from the link below and follow the instructions to register your team.

Ohio Hot Stove Baseball League

Click on this link to visit the official state web site for all of your league information needs.


The following are new rules for 2023:

The following are new rules and rule modifications for 2023:

1. Rule 1.10.3 was clarified to reflect that all -3 bats must have the BBCOR .050 stamp, while -4 and -5 bats do not require the BBCOR .050 stamp.

 2. Previous Rule 1.16.1 was eliminated. Chin straps are no longer required at any age. NOTE: Local charter rules apply in “non-sanctioned” classes, like T-ball.

 3. Rule 3.03.A.2 was amended to state that all substitutes must be entered by the top of the 3rd inning.

 4. Rule 3.23 was added to allow the use of training aids (nets, tees, practice balls, etc.) at tournament sites, at the discretion of the site director.

 5. Rule 4.7 ejection penalties were changed; Classes I through H carry a 4 game suspension, Classes G through D carry a 2 game suspension, both in addition to the ejected game.

 6. Rule 4.10.5 was amended to include Class G in the 15 run mercy rule. The unplayed bottom of the 4th inning does not carry a substitution penalty as well.

 7. Rule 4.10.7 added time limits for each Class for regular season games. No new inning after 2 hours of play for Classes I, HH and H; 2 hours 15 minutes for Classes G, F.

 8. Rule 6.8.A was amended to allow defensive manager to issue an intentional base on balls at any time prior to, or during, the player’s at bat, without throwing a pitch.

 9. Rule 7.13.C was added to state the ball is considered to be dead from the catcher to the pitcher on a throwback after a pitch not put in play and the existing criteria for logical conclusion of the play has been met.

 10. Rule 8.10 was changed. Innings pitched for Classes I through E was removed. Replaced with pitch counts and mandatory rest.

 11. Rule 10.3.B was clarified to define where the player in the pitcher position must stand.

 12. Administrative policies and procedures as well as tournament rules have been moved to a new document, ADMINISTRATIVE AND TOURNAMENT RULES AND POLICIES” and is located under “Forms” on

 All managers and coaches are urged to know this rule book. Managers are the only individuals in direct contact with the players, and are completely responsible for their behavior and knowledge of the rules. Managers must inform players of the rules; therefore, the manager must be totally responsible for informing and policing the players to maintain compliance with the Ohio Hot Stove Baseball Rules.

Additional rule changes

Additional rules changes (from recent years) are available for review on the coaches corner tab.

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Download the free SportsEngine app for Android and Apple devices, or follow us on the web with your PC or mobile browser!  Once you create an account using only your email address and unique password, you'll be able to follow your team or league schedule, standings, or scores throughout the season.  You can use the team ID that appears in the top right corner of each team's page to find them on the app or you can search for them by name.   League officials will be able to make updates to the scores and standings with the touch of their screens!  If you have any questions, please free to write to us at


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