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2020 Fall Baseball League has been canceled.

With heavy hearts, we have had to cancel our plans to hold a fall baseball season.  We simply did not have enough teams show interest to be able to create a schedule.  If you had submitted your payment via mail, your check will be destroyed.  If you had submitted payment online, you will receive a check in the mail ASAP.  All coaches and players who had registered should have received an email message with these details.  We work hard to present opportunities for the youth of our communities to play ball safely and are deeply disappointed when we’re not able to find success.  We will begin the preparations for our upcoming spring season right away and hope to be able to announce sign ups as soon as January 1st of 2021.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Follow the link below to find information and updated brackets for this year's OHSBL Regional and State Tournaments for EE/E/D Leagues.


The 2020 Season continues for EE/E/D!

Ladies and gentlemen of the Alliance Community, it is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that AHSBL and OHSBL have arrived at an agreement with the City of Alliance that will allow for the summer season to move forward.  This only applies to classes EE, E, and D (High School aged and older).  In order to make certain that all efforts are made to insure the safety and health of all participants and spectators, a stringent set of expectations, restrictions, and guidelines has been enacted to coincide with and fortify Governor Mike Dewine's plan  for returning to play.  These rules, along with a waiver of liability, have been designed by a joint effort between AHSBL, OHSBL, our Mayor, Safety Service Director, Director of the Parks Department, Alliance Health Department Officials, and others to provide maximum protection and preventative measures in a mutual effort to protect the health of all participants and the general public.  All participants and spectators must adhere to these policies to maintain our ability to utilize the fields.  You will begin to see games and practices beginning right away.  All access to the fields is scheduled ahead of time and has been granted to specific teams and participants to  maintain the ability to conduct contact tracing if necessary.  The following documents provide all of the needed information for our teams, coaches, umpires, players, and spectators.  If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us.  We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who worked together to make this a possibility and look forward to seeing our players take the field!


Brian R Burse


Alliance Hot Stove Baseball League



The following rule changes were voted on by all Charters at the October 13, 2019 Annual Meeting:

1. Continuous Batting Order - Allow all teams to use a continuous batting order if they choose to do so. Would have to declare at ground rules. If a player is injured during the game they would become an out when it is their turn at bat. This would be for all Hot Stove Classes HH-D. Class I would still be mandated to use the existing rule. The EH would still be an option as well. All players present at the game would have to be used in the batting order. If a player arrives late, they would have to be added to the bottom of the lineup. This would give teams that choose to use it, the ability to get more players in the game. This rule would be used in both regular season and tournament play. Substitution rules must still be met by class while using a continuous batting order. Player matching would not be permitted for teams opting to use a continuous batting order. This rule change has passed.

2. Change 60% Rule - Change the rule that states a double rostered player must play in 60% of played games to at least 50%. The existing rule excludes players that play in over half a team’s games, but often times calculates to 57-58%. The spirit of the rule is to eliminate stacking up a team for tournaments but often a player that played a majority of games cannot play because of the math. This would still ensure the player participates in a majority of the team’s played games and is eligible for tournament play. This rule change has passed.

In addition, the following items will be discussed at the meeting:

Constitutional Change
1. Elimination of the need to appeal a red light if verification of offenses can satisfy the board that previous appeal(s) has addressed the matter(s) driving the red light status. If an applicant receives a red light and successfully appeals to be allowed to coach, then that successful appeal will follow that applicant every year, provided the red light is given for the same offense(s). Applicant would still be required to email the Executive Secretary to be allowed to coach. Any new offenses would require a complete appeal process. This constitutional change has passed.

Ohio Hot Stove Baseball League

Click on this link to visit the official state web site for all of your league information needs.

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